16 things I have learnt being a CMUQ student

*Cue emotional introduction with a few funny parts that make you go “aww” with a sort of nostalgic smile*

1. Free food is free food. It is never “bad” or “not worth it”. As long as it is free food you can never refuse it. Always strive for it. Never miss an opportunity, no matter what it takes.

2. People who go to events for free food are inappropriate. Seriously, people went to great lengths to organise it and you just waltz in to take the food?

3. People have very strong opinions about free food. It’s almost political.

4. Speaking of which, When’s the next CS Seminar again…?

5. A pretty obvious one: never, ever, EVER be late to Prof. Oliver’s class. Also, make sure to never get caught doing something other than calculus (you can ask Tarek).

6. The rec room smells like feet and fried chicken. It always has, always will. You can bleach the whole place, plant a rose garden in it, and it will still smell like an abandoned KFC.

7. Somehow you still see alumni roaming the halls, chilling in CMUQ even though they’re done with all their classes. Why they’re there? Nobody knows. Legend says all alums haunt the place for at least 5 years after leaving it.

8. The Majlis area is perfect for sleeping! And so is the library. And the rec room. And the food court. And the gym. Oh and also student affairs. And the glassroom. Anyplace is good enough to sleep when group projects and unidentified code bugs give you chronic insomnia.

9. Actually that’s a lie. The library is louder than the showing of a game of cricket involving India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka anywhere in Education City.

Yes I sorta cheated when coming up with this point.

10.   There are two types of people. Those who have cricket all figured out and can tell you what Younus Khan’s great-aunt’s favourite type of legumes is, and those who have no idea why cricket games go on for days with such a weird points system. There’s no in between.

11.   Puns. Puns everywhere.

12.   You have played either Mortal Kombat, Fifa or Super Smash Bros. on one of the consoles of the rec room. Doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen a console in your life before. You’ve tried one of those games. Yes you did. Stop lying.

13.   “Janahi? Yeah….I’ve…actually heard of that guy…somehow…?” anyone from batches after Janahi’s graduation.

14.   Hot chicken and McDonald’s bags, boxes and wrappers everywhere!

15.   TARNIVAL!!!

16.   Despite everything, the hard work, the ups and downs, you know that CMUQ is a place that defined you forever, that you will love and cherish forever, if not for the wonderful people, then for those delicious cookies they serve in the ARC every week.


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