12 things that make my day

One, I haven’t written anything in here for a while, and I read somewhere that making lists is a good start to start a blog post. Nothing to write? Just go full BuzzFeed and compile a stupid list of relatable situations or events followed by some gif from Mean Girls, and people go like “OMG, number 17 is totally me.”

Am I implying my list will be stupid? I don’t know, you tell me

Two, I’ve always though of my blog as a space to vent my frustration with everything I think is wrong around me; bad drivers, dirty bathrooms, zucchini and round sunglasses. As of late I’ve been noticing an unhealthy wave of negativity taking over where I complain too much about everything. Instead of rambling like a grumpy old man about how ridiculous modern fashion is, I decided to think (and say) more nice, positive things. So here’s a small list of things that generally make me happy, and if you do these things, then you’re the real most valuable player.

1. People who say hi if they walk by you.

2. People who insist on offering food but then fiercely refuse when you offer some back.

3. People who send out Whatsapps or FB messages with something really funny.

4. People who take the initiative and do something really nice without you even knowing.

5. People who have conversations about history.

6. Going back home after a long day.

7. People who join in as soon as I start doing something stupid.

8. People who follow up when I start narrating a fictional story, or start their own idiotic story.

9.  People who say “yallah Baskin Robbins?”

10. People who get really enthusiastic when talking about something they’re passionate about.

11. People who didn’t know it could go that far.

12. People with funny laughs.

Hear the laugh. Feel the laugh! huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

Wow this list got really specific really quick. I mean, some of these only apply to one, maximum two people I know. But oh well, I really wanted to write something very informal, and here it is.

Hope you enjoyed it :)


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