Achilles Harvent (Achilles’ exploits pt.1)

Today, you’ll write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character study.

–This is actually the description of a character called Achilles Harvent, whom I first imagined a few months ago, and used in small stories with a fantastic setting.  

Even upon knowing Achilles for quite some time now, he still proves to be a very mysterious character, even up to this day. In terms of physique, he looks the part just fine; your usual free-lance adventurer. Quite typical, almost dull even, Achilles wears a simple green tunic that covers all of his upper body and descends up to the knees, where it is open from the sides to reveal a set of cheap leather pants and long adventurer boots. He usually wears his tunic underneath an elaborate set of leather straps and sheaths, which he uses to store his different materials he uses for trapping and hunting; wooden twigs, bizarre flasks filled with different shades of black powders, as well as his short falchion he so dearly prizes.

His sharp visage, however, dismisses any illusions one might assume upon first setting eyes on how Achilles is dressed. His eyes, surrounded with premature wrinkles, always remind me of a fox on high alert, and his pupils are constantly moving around and scanning his environment. His lips are always moving from one corner of his mouth to the other in a weird fashion, either signalling deep thought or playful boredom; which one it is I can never guess. Indeed, whereas his face gives off a serious impression- especially his eyes- his long hair always seems like it’s never made contact with a comb, and its light brown colour and curly texture almost make it seem like it should belong to a toddler rather than a grown adventurer in his twenties. He doesn’t have any other unusual features or tattoos that I know of, leaving his fair skin only riddled by the many scars he’s collected through his battles.

What really makes Achilles stand out is his secretive but very contradictory personality. I’ve met quite a bit of loud and cheerful young lads in my time (maybe too many), and I’ve also have had my fair share of shady, enigmatic fellows who always give off the impression they’ll run off with your belongings any moment before planting a dagger in your back. Achilles wasn’t in the middle of the spectrum; he was all over it. Besides being a man of few words, Achilles never mentions anything about himself when he does actually speak, and until now, I know nothing of his past or history. I do suspect that it was a painful one, as the few words he usually says are usually accented with cynicism and dejection. This whole mystique image of his is however immediately shattered as soon as he gets riled up, where he becomes one of the loudest men I’ve ever laid eyes on. A certain childish, primal aura immediately surrounds him as soon as he gets taunted or challenged, and he instantly loses all his poise, replacing it with wild movements and reckless actions meant to attract the most admiring attention from surrounding onlookers. Once his adrenaline levels go back to normal, his gloomy aura takes over once again, and it is so effective and intimidating it completely shrouds any stupid things he could’ve done or said before that. This attitude is very reminiscent of a guard dog, who can be the most friendly and jovial creature with his owner, but immediately regains his fearsomeness when going on duty. The only difference is that Achilles’ attitude switches do not depend on the situation he is in, and he can lose control either in a tavern or in the middle of a bandit stronghold.

In all the time I’ve spent with him, I’ve only been able to identify a few of his expertises and areas of knowledge. Being an outstanding chemist, I’ve seen him employ explosions, fire, frost, bizarre restraining goo, poison, leeches, and countless other results of his experiments when setting up his traps to go hunting or to accomplish one of his small jobs. His impressive swordfighting ability is only offset by his subpar levels of marksmanship, and I’ve seen him miss a rabbit with five arrow despite the creature being pretty much directly below him. Lastly, he seems to have unusually thorough knowledge regarding different dynasties and royal families around the continent, as well as a capable knowledge in politics and world affairs, especially considering how he seems to hail from a background of peasantry. Then again, it is just an almost baseless assumption I make do with until I get more information.

Despite my observations these past six months as illustrated through this exhaustive description, he’s still virtually a stranger to me. Until now, attempts to discuss his past always end up being futile, yet I am still curious to discover more about him.


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